Codebreakers Mission: Breakout, London

In a nutshell: Realistic wartime code-cracking

Played: October 2019

How we did: 3 person team, 44:18

4.2 / 5

Host – 4

Puzzleology – 4

Fun Factor – 4

Immersion – 5

Room Quality – 4

Stash – Team photo with prop clothes, using our phone + certificate plus local discount for restaurant 

Our second Mission: Breakout. Taking us back to WWII and, again, full marks to the creators for nailing the setting and ambiance. 

From the very start, with the video intro with Mr Churchill, you’re immersed. Living the life of a code breaker. It’s a really fun time. They use some really cool props to bring the game to life. 

Reading some other reviews, it seems they have taken on the feedback from previous years, as we didn’t encounter any of the issues mentioned. 

Looking back, the type of puzzles were always going to be more code-breakery. We worked well as a three and, as is the mark of the room for me, had a lot of fun throughout. 

Of the two, it’s hard to recommend one ahead of the other. I’d say, just pick spooks and trains or WWII. 

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