Million Pound Heist, Enigma Quests, London

In a nutshell: Slick, hugely enjoyable heist where priority is not quickest time but most $$$

Played: May 2019

How we did: 3 person team, $ 567,357

4.4 / 5

Host – 4

Puzzleology – 4

Fun Factor – 5

Immersion – 4

Room Quality – 5

Stash – Team photo using their Ipad with props and giant cheque

This is a room worth checking out at Engima Quests. The aim is to explore a high-class thief’s safe house before infiltrating the bank to escape with as much dosh as possible. 

The first room is, for me, a classic escape room. It looks good, feels real and is full of cool shit to pick up and examine. 

I always say the mark of a great escape room is if you’re smiling and can enjoy some banter, together, while you escape. They nailed it here, combining physicality and brain-scratchers really nicely.

Use of props was on point. And, crucially it really felt like a heist. 

The hosting was helpful, and it’s a clever way they work the hints into the story. We could have a good laugh with the host, but they scored a point down for forgetting to email us the team photo later on, as they said they would. 
This is as ideal for a group fairly new to escape rooms as it is for an experienced team of crack criminals escape roomers.

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