Psychopath’s Den, AIM Escape

Played: March 2020

How we did: 2 person team – 63:15

In a nutshell:  Site for Saw Eyes with a few Shocks

4.2 / 5

Host – 4

Puzzleology – 4

Fun Factor – 4

Immersion – 4

Room Quality – 5

Stash – Team photo, emailed afterwards 

My first visit to AIM escape. The venue itself is beautifully modern and minimalist. Like something out of Kubrick’s 2001… Escape Odyssey.

It’s a mark of the high production and investment that has been made with AIM. This carries through to the game. It’s a really enjoyable room. Like a real life Saw movie. There are some scares, some awesome puzzles and some which slow things down too much and break the immersion. 

To start, much like taking the Central Line,  you find yourself in a dark, moody closed space with a maniacal voice over the PA. It really is dark, and the team running the show really commit here – only offering one torch between two. 

It was my team mate’s first ever room, and it was a hell of a first room for him. Towards the end, there’s a fine balancing act, with puzzles rolling around all corners. The finish was electrifying; kudos to the makers for committing to such a flair ending.

For us both the room lagged during the middle section. I spent a good 5 minutes holding the torch for James while he gave everything he had for one taxing solo challenge. The other big puzzle there didn’t land for us. Impressive idea, but we just didn’t find it fun. 

There’s a wonderful sense of progression through the game. Finding tangible clues and items which build and build and thread through to the end. Despite the investment and the use of tech, I loved how hands-on it was. Really fitting with that industrial, torture theme. 

The host and the team there are friendly, thorough and informative. Crucially, our host was efficient and attentive over the walkie-talkie when we needed some guidance. 

It’s a fun room. Well worth visiting whether a fan of horror or not. I’m excited to check out the other rooms.

Full Disclosure, we weren’t charged for these rooms