Operation Blacksheep, ClueQuest, London

In a nutshell: Top tier Escape Room. Hugely entertaining way to save the world

Played: Feb 2019

How we did: 3 person team, 55 mins

4.6 / 5

Host – 4

Puzzleology – 4

Fun Factor – 5

Immersion – 4

Room Quality – 5

Stash – Team photos printed out for us in studio. Optional extras

This was my second visit to ClueQuest after really, really enjoying their first offering Operation Blacksheep. 

It’s a premium outfit. Hosting is enthusiastic, professional. Puzzles are varied, enjoyably ‘out there’ and a satisfying level of challenge. 

ClueQuest really do force you to work together as a team and keep communication fluid, which I love.

Visiting with two colleagues, it was all smiles after and a nailed-on team building session. 

This room takes you into a villain’s hideout. For the most part, its spacious, breezily designed and with a few mini red herrings to keep the time pressure on. 

Generally, I’m not a fan of books in escape rooms. I don’t enjoy having to leaf through pages (or not) and I find that they suffer from smudging, pencil marks and wear and tear too easily.  

While there is one puzzle that has launched itself right into my long term memory, the majority of puzzles, while fun at the time, aren’t memorable.

In my opinion ClueQuest seem to be aiming to capture the corporate market. Loads of parallel rooms, huge waiting area, premium price tag, corporate section of their website. No bad thing at all.

The price point for, say, a team of two, is higher than most in London. For me, it’s worth it though.

Utterly, utterly fun. 

Plan 52, ClueQuest, London

In a nutshell: So much fun, I’d do it all over again

Played: Sep 2018

How we did: 4 person team, 61 mins

4.6 / 5

Host – 4

Puzzleology – 5

Fun Factor – 5

Immersion – 4

Room Quality – 4

Stash – Team photos printed out for us in studio. Optional extras

Where I popped my Escape Room cherry. ClueQuest happened to be a five minute walk from our office. That we stumbled upon arguably London’s strongest escape room is quite the coincidence!

What’s to love. The venue is in a very cool, quirky layout. What hits you immediately is the strong branding and theme. Kudos to the creators for weaving that narrative and iconography through their games.

For me, its full marks on fun factor and the creativity of their puzzles. My group was three other escape room first timers and it was such a positive experience. 

The host was always there when we needed them, responding quickly and sensitive to the fact that we were newbies. 

Another really important point is that the puzzles gain momentum as you progress. Starting small in a little office, ending with a real showpiece. 

Such a professional set up: choc-a-bloc with custom-made props and puzzles. This remains the only room I’ve played where I’d happily go back and do it all again. 

Zen Room, Hint Hunt, London

In a nutshell: Satisfying Japan-themed espionage room with one really awesome puzzle

Played: March 2019

How we did: 3 person team (one very late, one was my dad) 57 mins

3.6 / 5

Host – 4

Puzzleology – 4

Fun Factor – 4

Immersion – 3

Room Quality – 3

Stash – Team photo using our phone + discount card for next visit

My dad doesn’t like Escape Rooms or Japan. It seemed like the perfect Father’s Day gift to take him to the gorgeously Japanese Zen room at Hint Hunt

My first experience of Hint Hunt, I’d heard good things from their international reputation. As is custom, my dad arrived 45 minutes early. Unfortunately Al missed his train, and would be missing the start for sure.

Kindly, the staff were as accommodating as they could be, given it was a busy weekend.

If you can imagine how beautiful a Japanese spy’s headquarters would be, the team at Hint Hunt have nailed it. Only occasionally around the room would a clunky old fan pull you out of it. What the room does need is a fresh coat of paint and some sprucing up. It is showing visibility of years of good, hard, escaping. 

As my dad mused, myself and eventually Al whizzed enjoyably through the tasks. Without giving much away, there is one really, really fun puzzle that still makes me smile nearly a year later. 

I’d recommend this room, although I’m keen to see if Hint Hunt can do better

For a second opinion, here’s my dad’s review