Area 51, Escape London

In a nutshell: The truth is in there…? Hit and miss puzzles and unreliable props

Played: December 2019

How we did: 2 person team, 57:30

3 / 5

Host – 3

Puzzleology – 3

Fun Factor – 3

Immersion – 3

Room Quality – 3

Stash – Team photo emailed after, with time and team name 

I felt this room at Escape London had a lot of potential. All X Files and nutty alien puzzles, but it just didn’t all quite work for us. 

The first room is nicely set up. I loved the main geographic puzzle. The reveal to get the next room is very cool. 

That said, using an out of date laptop as part of a clue really pulls me out of it. I have enough problems with real life passwords, to enjoy cracking escape room windows passwords. 

Things got more hit and miss in the next room. We needed the odd clue in here, and one of the key props was broken. So I had to actually leave the room to get the dude’s help. 

Again, Escape London falls down with slow response times to requests for help. Really nice people work there, but the basics need to be tightened up for it to become a slick operation. 

The end felt underwhelming. We looked at each other and asked ‘did we do it?’ 

It’s a fun enough room, but I wouldn’t recommend it heartily. Personally, Overthrone and The Cabin were just more fun. This one beats the Da Vinci room though.

The Cabin, Escape London

In a nutshell: Intense. Puzzle heavy. Recommended

Played: September 2019

How we did: 2 person team, 63 mins

4.2 / 5

Host – 4

Puzzleology – 4

Fun Factor – 4

Immersion – 4

Room Quality – 5

Stash – Team photo emailed after, with time and team name 

This is billed as the hardest (and scariest) room at Escape London Shepherds Bush. Just a two-person, we knew it would be a challenge.

After a hit-and-miss from the last two visits, this was a really fun, intense, head scratcher of a room. 

I’m a man who likes a lot of puzzles and this really stretched me. I can’t actually recall a more puzzle-heavy room. 

It’s all on theme, and the progression really works. The spooky elements spooked, and I’d actually like to go back and re-do this room again to take it all in. There is one red-herring that frustrated us. It wasn’t a fun or satisfying reveal. 

This was only the second time I went over 60 minutes, but we consoled ourselves that it’s a tough room, and I think a team of 3-4 is ideal here. 

Thanks to the staff for providing us with one big scare and resultant big belly-laugh for me.

Da Vinci Room, Escape London

In a nutshell: High on the illuminati puzzles, but not a memorable room

Played: May 2019

How we did: 2 person team, 59:53!

2.8 / 5

Host – 2

Puzzleology – 3

Fun Factor – 3

Immersion – 3

Room Quality – 3

Stash – Team photo emailed after, with time and team name 

This was our second room at Escape London. It was a step up in difficulty from Overthrone. It’s themed around the illuminati and the Da Vinci code. 

The main room is a good space, jammed with a spread of puzzles. They are at a nice mix of style and complexity. 

One thing that frustrated me during this room was a seven minute delay in getting help when we were stuck. We were totally bamboozled, and kept ringing the buzzer without response. Myself tired after a day at work and a journey across London, didn’t appreciate the wait. 

As I understood it, there was just one dude looking after reception and up to 3 other rooms, and this really cost us the enjoyment. 

Unlike all of the other rooms at the Shepherd’s Bush Escape London, a lot of the clues are totally forgettable. This Da Vinci room is one of Da Worst I’ve played.

Unless of course, you’re a big group of Da Vinci Code fans. And if you are, let me wish you 🜯 🜃 ☊

Overthrone, Escape London

In a nutshell: Satisfying themed room for GOT puzzlers

Played: May 2019

How we did: 2 person team, 56 mins

4 / 5

Host – 3

Puzzleology – 4

Fun Factor – 5

Immersion – 4

Room Quality – 4

Stash – Team photo emailed after, with time and team name 

Our first Escape London room, and my first ‘themed’ room anywhere. I’m a big fan and my Escape partner had not seen the show. 

Room layout is on point. Some really nice details all around the room to create that Westeros medieval vibe. Candles and lighting gave it that immersive ambiance. 

Without giving away spoilers, there are some really fun props that take centre stage during the game. As well, it’s a really tactile room. Big chunky things to get your hands on. 

We really liked the room. The finale had some last clues that were equally fun and frustrating. It was a rush to get our arses onto that throne, but we made it. 

Major host boo boo: the nice guy working there forgot to stop the clock at the end, so we had only an estimate of our time left. On the same subject, these guys ask that you do a dance when you need a clue. 

Some people might find this fun, but for us it felt the opposite. First up. You never want a client to feel like the joke is on them. Second, when frustrated in a room the last thing you want to do is dance to a camera.